Who Cares Wins

The Olympics have ended and the Paralympics are about to begin. While some tally the medals, others celebrate the Olympic spirit that endured beyond winning; the ability to play the game well. Yes, performance is important, but in the quest for global dominance is there a chance that we are leaving something behind… something that matters more than winning?

The Brexit result and the rise of Donald Trump clearly indicate that the world is changing and people are demanding something different from their leaders. They want caring. Whilst this may seem oxymoronic, deep down it is simply about people wanting to have someone stand up for them and show they are on their side and interested in their welfare. To show they care.

My son, who is working in corporate America, recently suffered a back injury, and whilst rehabilitation is offered, the concept of pain and suffering is not taken into account when work duties are considered. Think about this. This is the number one global economy that relies on a workforce talent to excel….and it does not factor in people’s pain, the equation is simply about function. This is not caring.

Social housing is another example where provision is made for society’s more vulnerable people, yet when it comes to actually ensuring the dwelling design meets universal housing design principles, the developers and other interested parties are often free to decide on whatever design they want. If this results in the residents being in more discomfort or pain because they trip over the unnecessary steps or they cannot adequately have in-home care because the shower is too small, then it is not their problem and not considered important. This is not caring.

The Olympics remind us that there are super humans out there who can do extraordinary things. We want the same from our leaders who should demonstrate that the world is more than a profit and loss statement and that, for example, homes, especially social housing homes, should be built for all people, regardless of age, stage or ability. To deliver less is both disgraceful and disingenuous. Leaders need to show they care…and those who do…will win.

As always please feel free to contact me on geoff@lifemark.co.nz as we turn houses into homes for everyone.

Geoff Penrose
General Manager
Email: geoff@lifemark.co.nz


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